The Bombastics, a Melbourne-based award-winning entertainment group, believe in a different approach; our goal is to take the stress away from this aspect of your planning efforts.

  • That doesn’t mean you have to accept even a shred of compromise, though, and you won’t be left in the dark. Instead, we work hard to communicate clearly and concisely, with all our clients, working together to put together both the right band or singer and the right set list to lend your wedding ceremony or its reception an ambience fitting for such a big day.
  • No one said planning a wedding would be easy, but when you get into the thick of things, it may not take long before you wonder if you’re in over your head. With new decisions coming your way each day, do you ever wish that you could take a more “hands-off” approach to some aspects of the wedding — just for a bit of relief?
  • When you’re trying to choose wedding music in Melbourne, this is not an uncommon feeling. Are you feeling frustrated with bands that don’t respond to your enquiries promptly, or who seem unable and unwilling to do anything beyond showing up to play a stock set? To learn more about how The Bombastics can provide an singer for your wedding that your guests will enjoy.

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Wedding Entertainment Melbourne

From jazz and big band standards to covers of the latest hits, or even a wedding singer, Melbourne can rely on The Bombastics to pull together all the right elements. Do you have a special idea with thoughts as to exactly what songs you’d like to hear? Even if you’ve already come up with your own set list, we can accommodate you, selecting the musicians in our ranks best suited to provide you with the entertainment that brings your wedding dreams to life. If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum — when you have no idea what you want to hear at all — we can still help you! In fact, you’ll find our team to be both friendly and attentive, coordinating with your plans to choose the wedding singer perfect for your Melbourne ceremony.

We can provide MC services, too, enabling you to stop worrying about which family member will be the most likely to say “yes” to a role that requires so much focus and coordination. Available both as a standalone service and in conjunction with a singer or band arrangement from The Bombastics, our MC knows how to set the tone. They’ll keep all your guests having fun from the start of the reception till the last slice of cake is gone and the last glass of champagne drained.

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When you’re feeling overwhelmed by decisions, make the easiest one of all: call The Bombastics to take care of the entertainment for your wedding. Explore more about our abilities, or read up on some of our other services. Then give us a call to find out more about booking availability.


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