How vital is to successfully execute a successful evening?

Whether that’s a wedding rehearsal dinner, a small corporate event, or a larger gala style gathering, think about what it would be like with no music. Instead of enjoyable tunes forming a core part of the background noise, the din of conversation would be the only thing to listen to — not exactly the most atmospheric setting for any event. Even a solo female vocalist for hire in Melbourne can transform the ambience from generic and uninspiring to engaging and more intimate.

  • While you plan your event, don’t neglect to take the time to consider what type of entertainment would work best for your guests, the venue, and the goals you have in mind for the evening. For example, choosing a female vocalist for hire in Melbourne can elevate a cocktail mixer for new and current employees to the next level.
  • Once you decide to hire someone, though, you’re then faced with the often-arduous task of trawling through endless pages of web results, looking at reviews, and feeling frustrated with the lack of clarity in your options.
  • There is another option: The Bombastics, a musicians’ collective with a diverse base of talent from which to build up the perfect event entertainment plans. Here’s why one of our female singers would be a good fit for your evening.

Professionalism and reliability: hallmarks of our female singers for hire in Melbourne

What comes to mind when you think of a female vocalist singing for your event? In the cocktail event example, she could be the ideal match to create a “jazz lounge” feeling in your chosen venue. In more intimate contexts, such as the rehearsal dinner example, such a singer could create a romantic atmosphere for all your guests to enjoy on the eve of your actual wedding.

  • The possibilities are almost endless thanks to the effort The Bombastics team puts into maintaining an ability to perform in diverse styles.
  • As part of what we do, we strive to offer a planning experience wholly different than what you may be used to from prior events.
  • We allow for consistent communications and welcome your questions and concerns, as they are a chance for us to learn how best to cater to your event’s needs.
  • For example, you may wish to back up our female singers with a particular style of music, or perhaps you want covers of songs by a popular female-fronted band.
  • As we work together to identify the right vocalist for hire for your event, you can place your confidence in our proven track record, professional mode of business, and a commitment to quality for every occasion.

Find out about how we can help craft your atmosphere

Want to get a better idea of what’s on offer? We regularly hold showcase events where you can see many of our band combinations at work. Come and see one of our female singers in person! No time? Check out our music online, and if you’re ready to take the next steps, ask for a free quote today. Contact us via email or call 0407045161 to learn more information.


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