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Your wedding reception is an opportunity to party with joy and in the company of all your invited friends and family. As you plan this part of the event, pay plenty of attention to all the details, such as the seating arrangement, the food, and even the centrepieces. It’s your moment, after all, and it should be just what you want it to be — but what about the music? It’s not a reception without music! To learn more about how The Bombastics can provide a cover band you and your guests will love. Contact us via email or call 0407045161 to learn more information or get a quote.

Entertainment choices can be hard to make

  • With everything else, finding the best options for your budget and tastes is comparatively easy.
  • Then you sit down to start trying to choose a cover band for hire in Melbourne to take requests and play all your favourite songs and realise there’s no end to the number of choices, and many of them don’t meet your requirements.
  • Consider instead the far-reaching talent of the award-winning collective, The Bombastics.
  • We got our start playing weddings ten years ago, and we’ve built up a considerable amount of experience both regarding performance and song selection.
  • Consider why a custom-tailored ensemble made up of our musicians is ideal for your reception.

What sets The Bombastics apart from other cover bands for hire in Melbourne?

  • Our ability to tailor every single show to match a different set of requirements. This flexibility and versatility allows the collective that is The Bombastics to morph into the right combination for your event. With a wide selection of musical styles to choose from, it’s a quick and easy way to not only customise the tenor of your reception but to make it memorable for every guest too.
  • You’ll find that we have an extremely extensive songbook among cover bands for hire in Melbourne, with the ability to play everything from some of the greatest “first dance” classics to the latest Top 40 hits. Ask us about our ability to take cover requests. Guests and newlyweds alike love the opportunity to approach our band to ask to hear their favourite tune.
  • You can count on our professionalism. Providing entertainment for hire in Melbourne is our full-time job — we’re no weekend warriors who only gather for practice every now and again. Instead, you gain access to our years of experience as performers for hire and our understanding of how to make live music for events the centrepiece or an integral part of the ambience as necessary.

Let’s discuss how we can improve your event together

Getting started with The Bombastics is easy — but first, why not learn a little more about us? For example, you can always listen in to hear what we’re capable of, or see us at one of our regular showcases. When you’re ready to move forward, request a quote and let us know how we can help you plan for a showstopper of a wedding.


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