Starting The Bombastics band many years ago came out of a frustration of seeing how poorly other musicians were providing live music for weddings. We had a desire to provide the closest thing to perfection in wedding entertainment.

These ten tips are a summary of the key points we’ve stood by since the beginning. Following these will mean you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your wedding day, without the need to worry about what the band may or may not do.

1. Always make sure you view the band before you commit to booking them. Either through attending a showcase or viewing high-quality videos. Get a vibe for their music, but also their customer service. You’re going to spend many months working together so you want to feel good about emailing back and forth, and speaking on the phone.

2. Pay a deposit and insist on a confirmation or receipt regarding the deposit paid and the balance due on the night. Ensure all the terms are agreed upon before paying. E.g. do you need to provide a meal or accommodation to band members?

3. Ask the band to confirm in writing the maximum time they will perform for. This will become important when planning the running sheet for the night.

4. So you don’t get any extra surprises make sure the agreed fee for the band includes the set up, soundcheck, PA, lighting and travel to and from the wedding. You’d be surprised by the number of bands that expect you to hire PA and lighting on their behalf.

5. Ask the band if you can view their set list and maybe talk through some options for the first dance (can they learn the song you want?), and how you would like the band to finish off the evening.

6. Give the band representative your contact at the venue. Ask them to call the event manager regarding suitable load in and arrival times so you don’t get any unnecessary delays.

7. Ask the band to perform a good general mix of music genres and styles so you can cater for all your guests. The greater the mix of music the more likely that majority of people will dance.

8. It’s advisable to ask the band to start as soon as possible after the meal so you can get the party started! A lull here means the guests go off to different areas of the reception and breaks up the flow of the evening. This comes down to working with the band and venue to write a carefully planned running sheet.

9. Try not to dictate the order of the songs on the band’s setlist. Trust that your band can ‘read the room’ and know the best order to get everyone up and ensure a full dance floor.

10. On the night, relax, have fun and put your trust in the band. Following the previous nine steps means you can now party all night!


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