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How much do you cost?

There are a few factors that impact on price: how many band members you choose, the length of your reception and the distance from Melbourne. Typically our reception band prices can range between $1499 and $3999. We recommend requesting a quote so we can give you a price based on the specifics of your day.

How do we book in The Bombastics for our wedding?

Once you’ve decided on a band package that suits you, we’ll send through a deposit for 25% of the total. Once this has cleared your band is locked in.

Is there more than one singer in the band?

Yes! We’re one of the few bands that allow you to choose your singer. We have a few male and female singers who perform similar repertoire but each have a distinct style and charisma. Based on their availability and your preferences, we can build the band around them.

How many band members do I need at my wedding?

There are a range of factors which influence the size of the band. These include musical preferences (the genres of music you like), your budget, the size of the room, the size of the band area, the instruments you like, and the number of guests. We’ve written a blog post devoted entirely to answering this question. Check it out under the Help and Tips category.

How much music do you actually play at the reception?

Most receptions go for 5 hours. In this time we typically play four 45-50 minute sets of music. By the time you include speeches and other formalities this works about to be as much live music as possible. Depending on the details of each wedding we may end up needing to play more or less than this, and the cost usually reflects this.

What happens to the music when you’re not playing?

If we’re on a break and background music is required (e.g. no speeches) we supply playlists of songs we know work well at certain points across the night. These are regularly updated too. Couples are also welcome to supply an iPod for us to play their own playlists through our PA.

Can we see you play live before we book?

Yes and we recommend it. Seeing the band live really helps to get an idea of how The Bombastics can be part of your wedding day. We perform in a range of band sizes so you can hear the difference between the bands and make an informed choice. Check out our See Us Live page to find out about our next show.

How does the song selection work? Who chooses all the songs?

Song selection is a shared process. We send you our regularly updated master song list and ask you to highlight what you love, cross out what you hate and add anything else you really want to hear. We’re not a human iTunes so we won’t be able to learn every extra tune you request, but we’ll certainly give it a go!

Do you travel beyond Melbourne?

Yes! We regularly perform around regional Victoria and sometimes into NSW. There are additional fees for any travel beyond an hour of the Melbourne CBD, and if your wedding is two hours or more from Melbourne we also add accommodation costs.

How long do you need to set up?

Most wedding receptions require about 1.5 hours to set up. For receptions in large hotels or conference centres we usually require an additional hour to move through security and loading bays.

Can we use your equipment for our speeches and MC?

Yes, it’s included in our reception packages. You can use our microphone for all MC formalities and speeches at no extra cost. If you need to use a wireless mic we can arrange the hire of this on your behalf and run it through our PA. This is usually a pretty minimal cost and is sometimes necessary in medium to larger rooms.

Do the band members need to be fed?

Any booking beyond 4 hours requires a main meal or equivalent for each member of the band. Venues offer reduced prices to clients for ‘crew meals’ and the band usually eats this meal during the speeches, limiting the impact on live music time. Remember that for most receptions the band usually arrives around 4:30pm and doesn’t leave until after midnight so sustenance is vital!

I really want your 7 piece band but can’t afford it. Can you make it cheaper?

No, but we can give you our flexiband option: Book in our 5 piece band (female lead vocals, male vocals/guitar, keyboards, bass and drums) then add the 2 piece horn section for the last two hours (i.e. the dance sets). It’ll save you some dollars while still giving you the brilliant 7 piece band when you need it most.

We have a song in mind for our first dance. Can the band learn it for us?

Yes, having the band play your bridal dance is a beautiful touch to this moment of the night. If you’ve choreographed a dance to a particular recording please let us know so that we can learn the right version. If you don’t want the band to play it, simply provide your iPod and we’ll play it through our PA for you.

Do you play at wedding ceremonies too?

Yes, and can’t emphasise enough the importance of having live music at your ceremony. Check out our Ceremony Music page for all the options we can provide.

Will you play our ceremony song requests?

Our acoustic-style ceremony packages include learning your bridal processional song of choice, and your recessional song of choice. For more info about songs at your ceremony, check out the Ceremony Music page.

In regards to playing background music when the band is having a break, would you have a list of background songs you can play for us? Or do I need to organize some lists and pass it to you?

We have chilled music to play for the earlier part of the day and some more upbeat songs we can play in our breaks towards the end of the night for all of our wedding reception performances, so we can play plenty of music throughout our breaks. We are more than happy for our clients to supply some playlists of their own for our breaks if they wish.

Do you suggest we enter to the one song or should the bridal party enter and the bride and groom enter to a different song?

We always recommend using just one song, what we can do is just play an instrumental version of the song for bridal party and give it a boost with the vocals when the bride and groom are announced. It is really effective way of doing and works really well. This part of the night really flies past and we think keeping it simple is best.

We wanted to extend the band for a one additional hour, is that possible?

We can add as much time as you want to you band package. Usually it is between ½ hour or 1 full hour added to the standard 5 hour package booked. The fee is calculated using the total of your booked band package. For example 1 hour would add 1/5th of you fee to your total, whilst an additional ½ hour would add 1/10th of your fee to your total. It may sound confusing so you can just drop us an email and we can confirm the fees that will be specific to your band.

Can I book in the singer I like within your singer portfolio?

If they are free on your requested date, yes. We always like to confirm a back up singer with our clients too, just in case is there an other singers they enjoyed within the portfolio also, just in case there is any issues with sickness or injury, which can happen, we will be able to book someone in his place that you guys would like to perform at your wedding. If you have a couple of other names I will add them to our stand bye list for the event once we are locked in and good to go.v

Our dance floor and band area will be outside (just outside a marquee if weather permits). Do we would need to ensure we have a ground covering for you guys to perform on?

We will not perform on naked ground, including grass, gravel or loose stone. A hard floor support for the band is required. When performing outside, the band must be shielded from the elements. This includes sun, wind and rain. Due to electrical safety, if it looks like raining on the day of performance we will not be able to set up and perform in any uncovered area.

If so, can you provide measurements so I can ensure we have something?

It will need to be approx. 5 square meters for the band you have playing on the night. I am happy to confirm any of these details with you if you like but I need to be relatively firm on factors.

Our ceremony and reception is at the one venue, however the area where canapés are being served is different to where our dance floor will be, so may require you to set up under a covered area for an hour, and then move to the band area/dance floor. Will this be a problem?

The full band can not be set up in 2 different areas. It would be best to have a solo or duo performance for canapés if this is the case. Please feel to get in touch with your consultant

Also, do you provide a microphone for our speeches or is this something we need to hire?

You can use one of our microphone’s from the band stand if you like, but if you need us to supply wireless mic we will need to charged for the hire at $165 (inc GST) for use through the night.

I also wanted to ask about the songs that get played in between the band sets. Do we just make a Spotify playlist that can be plugged into the speakers? How does that all work?

We a have background music for he band breaks but if you want us to use your own list it will be best to invite me to join the Spotify list and I can play them through our PA system, or if you have a playlist on a MP3 player that needs to be handed to the band, that is fine too.

Can we have you guys performing outside?

Sure thing, there a a couple of things that will need to be considered from our end when it comes to a performance that is outside:
– We will need a strong footing for the band to perform on. We can’t perform effectively nor set up our gear on the naked ground, whether it’s grass, gravel or otherwise. We will need something strong underfoot to perform effectively on.
– We need the band to be shielded from the elements, this includes rain, sun and wind. We can not have the band performing outside, in an uncovered space, even if it looks like raining on throughout the day. This is a OHAS issue, we need to provide a safe workplace for our performers. I understand this can sound dramatic but our insurance requires us to be very diligent in this respect.

Can we make a list of song we love and songs we don’t like so much from your songbook and you can then play them on the night?

Absolutely, you can curate the set list for the night for sure. We like all of our clients to make 2 lists:
1) a list of 10-15 or so tunes they love
2) 10-15 or so tunes they don’t like so much
and send it back to me that we can add to our work sheet for the night. That gives the best idea of your tastes and what we should perform on the night. The attached file is just an excel document so you should have no issues cutting and pasting the info on it.

Is it possible for someone/2 people to play outside for half an hour in the courtyard for canapés? The band however will be set up inside. Is this an issue?

Sure, we can do that. Will this fall within the 5 hour band package? If so, we can include it in our previously, if not, we may need to adjust our fess to reflect the extra time that falls outside the 5 hours.

If we choose not to have live music during some parts of the night ie. first dance, do we just note that down and you play the song we’ve chosen? If so, do we supply the iPod/music to be played than and in break times?

An iPod is fine. If you have Spotify and can these songs to playlist then we can just play it directly from that. It saves having to sorry about bringing an iPod on the day.

If we are requesting a new song to be learnt, how early is it needed?

A week prior is fine, but as early as you can is good. We like to have all of the details sorted as early as possible.

With regards to the surface that you would be playing on we note that you need a hard floor, have you played on the matted woven floor of a tent before? Would this be ok or would you prefer we hire in a hard dance floor to go underneath you?

This sort of set up is not ideal for us really but as a minimum we would need a solid base for the Amplifiers / drums to set up on as they move around quite a bit and it very difficult to perform effectively on a soft footing.


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