Choosing your bridal dance song can be a very personal decision between you and your partner. However it has to be said that there are some songs that seem to lend themselves well to the bridal dance moment. Here are our top 5 most requested bridal dance songs from the last 12 months (with YouTube links on the titles):

1. Thinking Out Loud Ed Sheeran

Sheeran’s ‘new classic’ is probably the most played bridal dance song on the planet right now. The film clip gives a few dance tips too. An easy song to choreograph as it’s not too fast, but it’s a good idea to bring on other people in the bridal party half way though as it’s quite a long song. Recently couples have asked us to play a shortened version of the song, which also works really well.

2. Ho Hey The Lumineers

A beautiful love song that’s not too soppy, Ho Hey made a storm then disappeared within a few months, but it’s still a popular one for bridal dances. It has slower, chilled verses and an upbeat chorus so it’s a great one to change up the moves throughout the song. It’s also a pretty short song, making it an easy one to get through without too much skill.

3. You Are the Best Thing Ray LaMontagne

This is a brilliant song with an old-school soul vibe about it. It’s upbeat, fun, catchy and the words are perfect. An easy song to just jump on the dance floor with a few moves before bringing on family and friends. Perfect for people looking for a fun song where they don’t have to be the centre-of-attention for too long.

4. I Won’t Let You Go James Morrison

Morrison’s ballad is a bit more of a traditional slow-dance song. If you’re looking for a “Thinking Out Loud” vibe without going for the obvious, this could be a great choice. The song also works really well with smaller bands as it’s an acoustic guitar and male vocal focus.

5. Fire and the Flood Vance Joy

Vance Joy knows a lot about writing super catchy songs without sounding like a typical Top 40 pop song, and Fire and the Flood is his latest one of these. Lyrically it might give you mixed messages but it’s certainly been another popular request lately. The song has all of the instruments that feature in our bigger bands so it sounds brilliant live.

Remember, the bridal dance is always a personal choice and we encourage you to chat to us about your ideas. We’ll let you know whether your song ideas will work with the band size you’ve chosen. Happy dancing!


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