How long do you normally play for at wedding receptions?

    A standard wedding reception works on a five hour ‘call’ for the band members.  For example, we would be set-up, soundchecked and ready to play by 6pm and finish by 11pm. 

Can we have some live music during our ceremony?

    Absolutely! This is quite common. We have found a solo or duo performing 'chilled' acoustic music in and around a ceremony works very well and is a really popular option. A string ensemble has also proved popular with many clients. Having said this, it really depends on individual taste. If this is something you may be interested in, make note of it in your preferences when filling in your quote form. We can find the best solution for you.

How long do you need to set up?

    The standard time for set-up and soundcheck is 1 and 1/2 hours. For a reception starting at 6.30pm, we would require access to the venue from 5pm to be fully set-up and sound checked by 6.30pm. However, this is flexible, so please feel free to chat to one of our team members as we will be able to work through any queries and or concerns you may have.  

How long do you play for at a normal wedding reception?

    Within the standard 5 hour call, the ensemble can perform the equivalent of 4 x 45-50 minute sets of music.  A popular option usually involves a relaxed pre-dinner set and 3 dance sets post main meals being served. We understand that everybody has different tastes. Therefore, any way our clients choose to run their night is fine with us. We are happy to accommodate, bearing in mind we have 4 x 45-50 min sets to play. Given there will be speeches and food served, we often find things don’t always run to schedule. Therefore, we will be available to set the mood, dancing or background, whenever you need us throughout the night.

 How much does it cost to have the band for a longer period of time?

    Any subsequent time would be charged @ $100 per hour for each member of the band. There are mulitple options to consider when budgeting for your band. These options can relate to the size of band that you decide on, or the time each member of the group is required at the venue. Please feel free to share your thoughts when filling in you quote form and discuss these details with one of our team members when we contact you.

I'm having my reception a couple of hours outside of Melbourne. Are you happy to travel to my wedding?

     We travel to all parts of Victoria and interstate regularly. Travel time for our musicians can effect the quote. Please be sure to fill all of the relevent venue and address infomation on your quote form. We are happy to work through the relevent details.

What happens when you're not playing?

    We provide background music via an ipod through our PA system when we are not performing. If you have some tunes you would like to play in our breaks, we are happy to use an ipod of your choice. 

Can we use your microphone for our speeches?

     Yes, our entire P.A system is available for any speeches or formalities if you so desire.

Do the band members need a meal on the night?

    Each band member will require a meal to be served. If you are having a cocktail / fingerfood type event, that is fine. A plate set aside for us in one of our earlier breaks would be ideal. 

Can the band play our 'first dance' song live for us?

    Absolutely. We are happy to play any specific tunes our clients would like to hear on the night. Alternatively, we can play the song using an ipod of your choice through our P.A system.