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The Bombastics perform a wide range of music styles and genres to suit all moments throughout the wedding day. Scroll through our videos and audio below to see and hear why people choose The Bombastics for their ceremony and reception music.

To listen to and watch The Bombastics now, check out our videos and recordings below. We’ve got a selection of songs from a range of genres. Be sure to listen through and let us know what you like by requesting a quote. We can put together the perfect selection of songs for your wedding day. Want to see and hear more? There’s no better way to decide on a great wedding band than to go and see them live. Be sure to check out our upcoming showcase.

The Bombastics Live

Showcase July 26

Come down to the Blue Diamond and see The Bombastics rock out with our awesome singers and wicked instrumentalists.
Try one of their infamous cocktails while seeing our different band combos in action. You can even request a tune or two.

8:00pm - 9:15pm at Blue Diamond

15/123 Queen St, Melbourne VIC 3000

The Bombastics Live with Mark

The Bombastics Live with Lorraine

The Bombastics Live with Dan

The Bombastics Live with Katie

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