Corporate functions play an important role, no matter the exact type that you’ve chosen to plan. Whether it’s to allow employees a chance to celebrate a milestone and to blow off some steam, or because you are hosting a conference on improving operations, a great deal of effort goes into setting up everything for a successful occasion. With the level of work put in to secure such things as the venue and the refreshments for your visiting staff, it can be all too easy for some things to slip through the cracks. Don’t let event entertainment be one of them.

If you’re throwing a bash for your staff, choosing a corporate cover band in Melbourne that can play all the hits from yesterday and today is an excellent way to ensure everyone has a good time. Likewise, if you want to foster a more low-key environment conducive to conversation, experienced event singers from the Melbourne scene can offer an atmosphere lower in key but higher in class and elegance. Now, what if you need to plan several events, and all of them require a different approach to the music? That’s where these planning efforts can become tricky, and it’s tempting to throw in the towel when you’re tired of searching for a good match. Search no more, though: The Bombastics are here to provide your business with an entertainment line-up perfectly customised to fit your needs. How does that work?

Our approach to corporate entertainment for Melbourne

No two events are exactly alike, and that means a “one size fits all” solution does not work when you need an event musician in Melbourne. We understand this and have built flexibility into our business at the ground floor. Not just one band, we are a group of musicians and singers grouped together under a common label, providing the same level of high-quality entertainment to every event we play. This level of dedication, and the versatility it affords The Bombastics, has allowed us to perform everywhere from in the ballrooms at the Crown Casino all the way to the cricket grounds.

Let us know what type of atmosphere you want to create, or what style of music you hope to put on for your staff to enjoy and let us do the rest. We don’t only provide excellent music; we offer a top-notch experience and a stress-free planning period that enables you to know with certainty you’ve booked the right act for the evening. Check out some samples of our tunes or explore more information about us now.

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