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10 Tips for Booking Your Wedding Band

The band were a disaster! It ruined my wedding! You've heard it before or seen it happen. Avoid this and many other crucial mistakes by following these ten simple steps when booking your wedding band...

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Victoria - The Wedding State

Since posting my blog article about the best wedding venues in Melbourne, we’ve had a plethora of enquiries about our views on other venues and other locations around Victoria. In response to this and in celebration of recently hitting the milestone of performing 300 unique wedding venues around Victoria, I’ll be publishing a series of blogs on venues in other areas of our fabulous state...

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5 Tips for the Perfect Wedding Schedule

We're often asked about how best to structure your reception evening. While there isn't an exact science, there are some key points to be aware of. These five tips will give you an idea of where to start and things to consider when planning your day. Be sure to reach out and request a schedule template from us. It'll save you hours of time!

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Top 5 Most Requested Bridal Dance Songs

Choosing your bridal dance song can be a very personal decision between you and your partner. However there are some songs that seem to lend themselves well to the bridal dance moment. Here are our top 5 most requested bridal dance songs from the last 12 months.

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FAQs for the perfect wedding day

Hunting for answers? Check out these helpful wedding music FAQs! If you don’t see your question here, let us know and we'll add it in...

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4 Tips for Choosing Your Bridal Dance

While choosing a bridal dance song can be a personal thing, we often get asked for help and advice on finding the right song for the moment. Here are four tips to help make the decision easier.

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Top 5 Best Wedding Venues in Melbourne

As one of the busiest wedding bands in Melbourne we've played hundreds of wedding venues, eaten their food, worked with the event managers, seen the way they operate back of house, treat suppliers and staff, and how they put on a perfect reception for the couple and their guests. Here's our latest favourites amongst Melbourne wedding venues.

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